Introductions of Zap Contracts


Zap contracts consists of 4 main contracts :
  • Registry Contract :
    • For Data/Service provider, faciliate creating/managing Oracles and Endpoints, data about Oracles will be stored and viewed publicly
  • Bondage Contract :
    • Allow user to bond/unbond to Oracles, users can bond ZAP tokens to gain dots or unbond dots to get ZAP tokens back, all through Bondage contract.
    • Holds Dots in escrow during subscriptions periods or pending queries
      • Dots: Endpoint specific access tokens, dots can be redeemable as:
        • Query requests (1 dot = 1 query)
        • Subscription periods (1 dot = 1 block time)
        • An amount of Zap Tokens determined by Endpoint-specific bond market price
  • Dispatch Contract :
    • handle delivery of query from users and responses from data provider's Oracle
  • Arbiter Contract:
    • handle subscriptions activity, including start, end, information about subscriptions.
Below is how Zap Contracts are interact with each others and with Users/Data Providers
Zap Contracts Interaction

Mainnet Addresses:

  • Coordinator: 0xb007eca49763f31edff95623ed6c23c8c1924a16
  • Registry: 0xc7ab7ffc4fc2f3c75ffb621f574d4b9c861330f0
  • Dispatch: 0xac0f9620c5940085eb5f3a07210d890aa4ceee11
  • Bondage: 0x188f79b0a8edc10ad53285c47c3feaa0d2716e83
  • Arbiter: 0x131e22ae3e90f0eeb1fb739eaa62ea0290c3fbe1

Kovan Addresses

  • Coordinator: 0x0014f9acd4f4ad4ac65fec3dcee75736fd0a0230
  • Registry: 0x321C850Bf38B96a942bED941A3E95E0b8DdC1F8E
  • Dispatch: 0x6b6afd3fc0a7f47d48f9c5fc13375a40e70bbbd3
  • Bondage: 0xffdff0c05d5566c50307dcbdc63b45e2e24a095d
  • Arbiter: 0xf448c11f18a9aabaa8940a4641cae2e9fbe9ebd7
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Mainnet Addresses:
Kovan Addresses