Introductions of Zap Contracts


Zap contracts consists of 4 main contracts :

  • Registry Contract :

    • where data providers interact to create Oracles and Endpoints, data about Oracles will be stored and viewed publicly

  • Bondage Contract :

    • Allow user to bond/unbond to Oracles, users can bond ZAP tokens to gain dots or unbond dots to get ZAP tokens back, all through Bondage contract.

    • Holds Dots in escrow during subscriptions periods or pending queries

      • Dots: Endpoint specific access tokens, dots can be redeemable as:

        • Query requests (1 dot = 1 query)

        • Subscription periods (1 dot = 1 block time)

        • An amount of Zap Tokens determined by Endpoint-specific bond market price

  • Dispatch Contract :

    • handle delivery of query from users and responses from data provider's Oracle

  • Arbiter Contract:

    • handle subscriptions activity, including start, end, information about subscriptions.

Below is how Zap Contracts are interact with each others and with Users/Data Providers

Zap Contracts Interaction

Mainnet Addresses:

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