Bond/Unbond to Token Dots
Token Dot Factory Feature of Zap platform create the marketplace for User to participate in crowdfunding, contesting, and other ERC20 token based dapps.


By bonding with Token Dots Endpoint, User will have ERC20 tokens minted from Oracle assigned to User's address. User then can send, trade or burnt tokens they receive.
Currently we provide tools for Token Dot features in web admin . We are working on release more tools in the future. Below is demonstration on how to bond and receive token in admin
Choosing TokenDotFactory provider and their endpoint to bond
After approving sufficient amount of Zap token, User can choose how many dot they want to bond, in this example, we choose to bond to BTC_UP, which has the curve of 1*10^18 * x = 1zap * x
Spending 1 ZAP to bond 1 dot, and receive 1 Token of BTC_UP
Once Zap token is bonded, user will see the balance of token minted in the owner's address. User can click on Token address to be directed to etherdelta dex with your address and new token balance and the order book for this token. Now User can trade the token on there or choose to send to someone else


When its time to sell the TokenDotFactory that has been created by bonding to a TokenDotFactory endpoint, User can do so by unbonding to the same endpoint with the dots they got issued, in return, User will receive the amount of Zap Token that calculated by the number of dots they got issued and the price curve at that moment.
To demonstrate this process, we again use the web admin tool to unbond the BTC_UP endpoint to receive the Zap token back. Before unbonding, User has to approve the BTC_UP token first
Approving BTC_UP token before unbonding is required
After approving BTC_UP, now the unbonding method can be used to redeem Zap Token to User
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